Novel aeronautical multifunctional composite structures with bulk electrical conductivity ans self-sensing capabilities.

Organisme(s) financeur(s) : 

7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Budget : 

2,8 M€

Durée : 

2010 - 2013


The main goals will be: – Development of innovative technologies to convert nano-fillers into engineered multifunctional pre-forms, prepregs, bucky-papers, etc.., for further use in CFRP structures. CNTs bulk doped resins are also to be considered as the main base-line. – Manufacture, characterisation and test CFRP based materials with such multifunctional engineered nanostructures. Liquid moulding technologies will be considered, although autoclave technology will also be considered as the second alternative. The three main functionalities will be: – Electrical conductivity of aeronautical composite structures to meet requirements regarding static discharge, electrical bonding and grounding, etc. – Monitoring and optimisation of CFRP curing process by Dielectric Mapping. – Quality assurance of final component (de-laminations, etc) by Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT).


Aircraft structures appear to be strategic components to be manufactured in composite materials for reducing weight, although new questions regarding electrical conductivity have arisen such as static discharge, electrical bonding and grounding, interference shielding and current return through the structure. These functions can be met by the use of technologies based on nanocomposites, which indeed combine mechanical properties, electrical and thermal conductivity. Based on the needs to provide advanced concepts and technologies for increased and optimised use of light-weight composite smart materials, the main objective of ELECTRICAL is the development of novel multifunctional composite structures with bulk electrical conductivity and self-sensing capabilities. The project will investigate and develop alternative emerging methods to manufacture nano-reinforced carbon based composites compatible with current industrial manufacturing processes of composites.