6th Elastomers Work Group Meeting organized in CANOE

21 juin 2017

On June 21st 2017, CANOE hosted in its Cheminnov facilities (Pessac, France) the 6th Elastomers Work Group Meeting in collaboration with “Aquitaine Chimie Durable” (Sustainable Chemistry in Aquitaine). The work group members signed a non-disclosure agreement to be able to discuss more freely. Here was the schedule:

  • Smart Elastomers: Oral presentation of the bibliographic research conducted by Master students, given by Frédéric LEONARDI (UPPA/IPREM). Feedback on the Elastopôle cluster workshop of June 7th in Orléans (France), given by Elodie LACASSAGNE.
  • Videoconference with Céline CRUSSON-RUBIO (SNCP) about the regulations concerning nano-fillers.
  • Oral presentation about funding opportunities for collaborative projects, by Christophe MAGRO (CANOE).
  • RPA project: oral presentation about the results obtained with natural rubber formulations, by Sandrine ANDRE (CANOE)/Julien LE MOULT (KSB)/ Maxime CHARMAN (EMAC).

These presentations raised such the interest of other industrial members of the work group, i.e. Ariane Group and MLPC, that they were willing to put together a collaborative project. This would be the first project resulting of this work group. This workshop ended with a tour of CANOE Cheminnov facilities, in particular in the following departments: “Surface treatment by printing”, “Fiber & carbon”, “Materials testing and NDT”.