Additive manufacturing

CANOE develops technological solutions in the field of polymer additive manufacturing by relying on formulation and material deposition strategies. These solutions are applied to molten filaments for FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process or photopolymerizable resins for stereolithography process. CANOE is also involved in the development of innovative additive manufacturing processes, using 6-axis robots equipped with several end-effectors.


Manufacturing process to produce tailor-made, calibrated filaments (1.75 or 2.8 mm) from thermoplastic pellets. These filaments are intended for molten filament deposition (FDM) and large parts manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing processes using photopolymerizable resin (Stereolithography, 6-axis robot)

Manufacturing process using liquid elastomeric resin (6-axis robot)

Manufacturing process based on extrusion of vulcanizable, elastomeric filaments or tapes (6-axis robot)


Production of FDM filaments (PE, PP, PA, PLA, ABS, PEEK, PEKK, PEI, lignin) containing different fillers (mineral, organic or plant-based) and additives (anti-UV, biocide, processing agent, plasticizer…) for dielectric and thermal applications.

Encapsulating process of acrylic, photopolymerizable resin using a 6-axis robot.

Good knowledge of the overall robot-based, processing chain (native 3D file management, material/process parallel studies, prototyping, physicochemical characterizations coupled with structure/property relationship analyses and integration in industrial lines)


Our last achievements