Materials testing and non-destructive evaluation

CANOE develops non-destructive characterization and control (NDT) solutions usable at every stage of manufacture of a piece of composite material and beyond to ensure material health monitoring.




Mechanical tests -80 ° ... 250 ° C: tensile, 3 and 4 point bending, Compression
ILSS, Lap-Shear, Peeling

Rheological tests / Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, DMA, HDT VICAT, ...

Surface analysis: Optical microscopy, SEM

Climatic aging: -80 ° C ... 180 ° C (12 ° C / min)

Ultrasonic characterization: ISO 18610

Ultrasounds NDT: contact, immersion, phased array, air coupled

Infrared Thermography NDT: EN 4179


Detection of singularities (cracks, inclusions, porosities, ...) by Non-Destructive Testing by ultrasound and / or infrared thermography

Quality Control

Thickness measurement by ultrasounds

Non-destructive characterization of elastic properties (ISO 18610): Measurement of all components of the elasticity tensor (Young Modulus, Poisson's Coefficients, Shear Moduli) on a single sample

EN 4179 Level 2 Services : Definition of turnkey non-destructive control systems (feasibility, development, qualification) - Management of control agents

Mechanical tests on metals, plastics, composite materials

Physico-chemical characterizations: Tg, Tg∂, E ', Cp, loss of mass, electrical conductivity, porosity, density ...

Manufacture of air-coupled transducers (ACUT)


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