New materials opening new markets

CANOE is a R&D center specialized in formulation and manufacturing techniques for the development of finished and semi-finished products in the field of composites and advanced materials. Our goal: assist companies in the development of innovative products and processes to meet industrial needs.

CANOE is a technological center in composites materials located in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France. CANOE is divided into 4 technological centers, on Cheminnov and Bersol locations in Pessac (France) as well as in Pau (France) and in Lacq (France). Dedicated to technological innovation in materials engineering, CANOE works with research laboratories, technical centers, and industrial companies to support priority sectors in Nouvelle Aquitaine region such as: aerospace, ground transportation (manufacturing of carbon fibers for automotive and marine industries), renewable energy (photovoltaic, manufacturing of thermoplastic or graphene-based parts for wind energy, sustainable chemistry). Besides polymer formulation for innovative materials manufacturing, the technological center offers research and development services in manufacturing processes (additive manufacturing, surface treatment by printing) and materials testing (characterization and non-destructive testing). CANOE works with SME and industrial large groups within R&D research study contracts and/or within national or European (H2020) collaborative projects. In the same way, CANOE works with research centers, technical centers and training institutes.