Composites and Thermoplastic Prepreg

CANOE develops technological solutions in the fields of composites and thermoplastic-based preimpregnated materials. CANOE also works onto associated manufacturing technologies of these materials.


Manufacturing of thermoplastic preimpregnated bands (Tapes)

Profiles by pultrusion process

Infusion, RTM and thermocompression of large composite parts

Tooling for composite parts manufacturing (molds …)

Recycling process for thermoplastic composites

Filament winding with 8 axis robot or standard with 2 axis

Smart composites with sensor integration


Manufacturing of calibrated (from 1/8’’ to 400mm wide) preimpregnated tapes made of unidirectional fibers (carbon, glass, basalt, flax, …) and formulated thermoplastic polymer matrix.

Manufacturing of profiled materials with constant section dimensions in pultrusion process of unidirectional fibers or multiaxial fabrics and thermoplastic polymer matrix.

Manufacturing of composite parts by thermocompression/overmoulding or thermostamping of thermoplastic-based preimpregnated bands or dry fibers.

Infusion/RTM of large composite parts using thermoplastic resins, in particular acrylic-based resins

Recycling process for thermoplastic resins and reuse

Manufacture of hydrogen storage tanks (H2) or profiles (pipes).

Technological processes

Our last achievements