Technological solutions

CANOE assists small- and middle-sized enterprises (SME) as well as large industrial groups in the development of novel materials and innovative processes.

CANOE research and development services can provide a solution that meets the needs in the fields of transportation (automotive, aerospace, railway, and marine industry), energy, construction and others (sports & leisure, textile, medical …).


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Your benefits in working with CANOE

In the outsourcing of your R&D projects

Your R&D partner from the first idea to the final product

From concept to prototype, CANOE covers the whole development process in the field of composites and advanced materials

A unique set of technological equipment

CANOE has unique pilot equipment at its disposal to help you develop products and processes that would make the difference.

Personalized project management

CANOE provides you custom R&D studies. Our dedicated team is at your service until your project is complete.

They trust us