Fibers & carbon

CANOE develops technological solutions in the field of functional fibers. These solutions include electrically or thermally conductive fibers, piezo-resistive fibers or low cost carbon fibers. They are devoted to the fabrication of smart textile and/or fibrous reinforcement for composite materials.


Wet or melt spinning of mono or multi-filaments fibers

Development of innovative fibers for advanced materials and smart textiles

Carbonization of precursor fibers for low cost carbon fibers

Formulations and synthesis of graphene for paints/inks and composites


Spinning and implementation of multifunctional fibrous reinforcement

Low cost carbon fibers: valorization of bio-based resources (lignin or cellulose precursor), carbonization process and industrial scale-up

Purification and chemical functionalization by cellulose microfibrils grafting

Fabrication of 3D Printing filaments : Mono- or Bi-components

Piezo-resistive conductive fibers, Piezo-electric fibers, sensor fibers for smart materials

Physico-chemical characterization and structures / properties relationship (mechanical, thermal, electrical)

Technological equipments

Our last achievements