Thermoplastic and rubber formulation

CANOE develops technological solutions in the field of custom, liquid or solid, polymer formulation by developing strategies and associated processes. These products are used as masterbatches of ready-to-use compounds for various applications (paints, ink, fibers, and composites).


Choice of the polymer matrix (thermoplastic, rubber, water- or solvent-based, photocurable resin..), fillers and additives

Various processes for solid or liquid compounding / dispersing

Process involving extrusion-calendering, extrusion-conformation, injection, molding by thermocompression technologies.


Formulation of thermoplastic polymers (PE, PP, PA, ABS, PEEK, PEKK, PEI), renewable polymers (PLA,PBS, PBSA, PBAT and lignin) and rubber matrix (natural rubber, SBR, EPDM, BR) with fillers (mineral, organic, vegetable) and additives (anti UV, biocide, plasticizer).

Process and manufacturing of mixtures containing fillers and additives: twin screw extruders, BUSS co-kneader for thermoplastic; internal mixer and two roll mills for rubber matrix

Mixing processes to obtain homogeneous and stable dispersions (crusher with balls, ultrasounds) up to 20 liters by batch under controlled and secure environment

Physico-chemical characterizations (rheological, thermal…) and analyses of the structure / properties relationship (mechanical, electric…)

Production of calibrated filaments for 3D Printing


Our last achievements