CANOE back in Lacq (France) thanks to CCLO

26 février 2016

CANOE will be back in Lacq (France) in autumn 2016 thanks to its partnership with CCLO. Indeed, CCLO is launching a new real estate project which will allow to support CANOE in its innovative materials research. CANOE was hosted in business center CHEMSTART’UP from 2012 to December 2015. CANOE will then keep growing in this new 1000 m² building, designed for its activities in CHEMSTART’UP facilities. These premises, built in industrial environment and co-funded by Aquitaine region board (80%) and CCLO (20%), will allow CANOE to set up a pilot – one-of-a-kind in France – in Lacq to develop a low-cost, bio-based, carbon fiber sector.

With this project, CCLO keeps supporting the development of innovative companies and promoting South Aquitaine area.

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