CANOE: M2i, a TAUPIN’UP project partner, winner of the EBAE award

16 novembre 2016

CANOE is proud to collaborate with M2i Life Sciences which has just been awarded by Europe board for its work and its innovative products in the field of pheromones and organic protection of crops. Thus, they have been honored with the European Business Award for Environment 2016 & 2017. M2i is the first French company to win this award since 2004.

CANOE and M2i are partners in particular in TAUPIN’UP project (20th FUI), funded up to 1.2 million euros.

This project, led by M2i, consists in developing organic solutions to fight against grape worms and click beetles which are vine and corn parasites. This project has been certified by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation cluster, and the 6 following partners: M2I, CANOE, ARVALIS, UPPA/Iprem, Armines-CMA and the Euralis cooperative group.

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