CANOE signs up for Autonotex project about connected textiles

12 avril 2016

The goal of AUTONOTEX project is to standardize and launch the first autonomous connected textile, designed for medical sheets – that could monitor patient health – and professional underwear for soldiers and firefighters.

Embedding nanoelectronics directly into a smart composite fiber will be the major innovation of this project. This system will not only allow to collect and send data but will also generate its own energy, thus guaranteeing energetic independence of textiles.

This project will benefit from extrusion-melt spinning technology of a 3-components filament to develop the new generation of textiles. For this purpose, AUTONOTEX will utilize a state-of-the-art melt spinning machine, one of the 4 existing worldwide.

AUTONOTEX project relies on a large consortium which will constitute a complete connected textile industry, integrating classical players of textile industry as well as electronics engineers and signal processing experts. AUTONOTEX consists in 11 partners, spread all along the value chain, as follows: 3 research centers (ENSAIT, ARMINES, IEMN), 2 technological transfer and innovation centers (CETI, CANOE), 3 industrial large groups (MULLIEZ-FLORY, EMINENCE, ARKEMA) and 3 innovative SME (TDV, PERCALL et NICOMATIC).

AUTONOTEX is partially funded by BPI (= Investment Public Bank) as part of PIAVE projects (= Industrial Projects for the Future).

For more information (in French):
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