Effiwind – a new generation of wind blades

19 juillet 2016

The goal of EFFIWIND project is to develop a new generation of wind blades based on thermoplastic, acrylic, and recyclable polymeric materials.

This project, supported by ADEME and Nouvelle Aquitaine board, gathers an industrial consortium composed of 12 partners: ARKEMA, CANOE, PLASTINOV, EPSILON COMPOSITE, AEC Polymers, VALOREM, TENSYL, CHOMARAT, BERNARD & BONNEFOND.

The aim of the project is divided into 3 parts:

–              Manufacture 25 m long wind blades weighing as much as the 23 m long standard blades, using a recyclable, acrylic resin and carbon-based pultruded materials,

–              Incorporate a pultruded part as backbone to allow the blade to withstand applied physical loads,

–              Put together both half-shells of the blade using methacrylic glue.

Manufacturing of this new blade has just been completed in PLASTINOV facilities, with CANOE help. The produced part is waiting for certification by GL. By the end of 2016, 3 wind blades will be generated to be set up on a wind turbine in Brittany (France).

In this project, CANOE is providing know-how in acrylic resin processing by infusion, making sure of the process feasibility. With a strong experience in this processing technique, CANOE is checking the various infusion strategies of the recyclable, acrylic resin, thus allowing for the creation of a new generation of wind blades.

In the line of this project, CANOE, ARKEMA and PLASTINOV are also partners in the REVERPLAST project, chosen by the French government as one of the 4 first files for “Green Growth Pledge” (ECV in French). The goal of this project is to create the first recycling network for thermoplastic, acrylic materials designed for automotive, wind energy, photovoltaic energy and marine markets. Some of the generated parts will be set up in the future demo facilities, called Porcinette, which will be dedicated to energy transition.