EFFIWIND project: First 25m long wind blade manufactured using ELIUM resin

27 mars 2018

CANOE is proud to be part of EFFIWIND project which has been highlighted in ARKEMA video showing the 25m long, G2 wind blade manufacturing. EFFIWIND project, funded by ADEME, started in March 2014 and should end in 2020 after 3 wind blades will have been set up for 1.5 years in Plougras site.

The challenge of this project is to allow an improvement of 15% energy production yield for the owner. From a technological point of view, this project provides innovative material solutions in the field of wind energy: thermoplastic recyclable resin, use of carbolam to lighten the system, enhancement of mechanical performances, easier repairs and assembly using acrylic glu.

CANOE offered its know-how about thermoplastic resin processing to adapt infusion process to these news materials.

11 major players are collaborating to carry out this project: Arkema, CANOE, Plastinov/Multiplast, Bernard et Bonnefond, Chomarat, Valorem, Tensyl, Espilon Composite, I2M, Protechnic and IFTH.