July 1, 2020: CANOE becomes autonomous

21 juillet 2020

CANOE is a Technological Centre dedicated to innovative materials, at the service of industrialists, which has continuously developed and increased its performance at both national and European level over the last 10 years.


Adera, which has accompanied CANOE since its beginnings, has evolved on July 1st 2020 into a “Société à Actions Simplifiées” (SAS) whose shareholders are only higher education institutions: UB, UPPA, BdxINP, LRU.  Within the framework of this evolution and in order to reinforce CANOE’s visibility and notoriety, all the players wanted CANOE to become a legal structure of its own and independent.


Thus, by modification of the statutes of the ADERA association, CANOE has become a legal entity (association under the law of 1901) since 1st July 2020, which has taken the name CANOE (Centre Technologique Nouvelle-Aquitaine Composites & Matériaux Avancés), with its head office at Bât CHEMINNOV-ENSCBP – 16, Av Pey Berland – 33600 PESSAC – France.


Directors and staff :


The new Board of Directors composed of seven members has met on July 16, 2020 in an extraordinary general assembly/Board of Directors meeting to ratify the vote to change the status of the association ADERA to CANOE (Association Law 1901). Patrice GAILLARD, ARKEMA France Scientific Director, is has become the President of the association. The missions of CANOE’s 45 employees remain unchanged.


The members of the Board of Directors :


– the New Aquitaine Region, represented by Bernard UTHURRY, Vice-President of the New Aquitaine Regional Council in charge of economic development and the digital economy

– ARKEMA France, represented by Christian COLLETTE, Vice President R&D of the ARKEMA France Group

– the FAURECIA Group, represented by Christophe AUFRERE, Senior Vice President

– SA BOUCHILLOU ALKYA, represented by Fabien MARCHE, Chairman of the BOUCHILLOU ALKYA Group

– CEA Le Ripault, Yvan MARTIN, Director of the CEA Le Ripault Centre,


– Patrice GAILLARD, Scientific Director ARKEMA France


A solid economic base


Today, CANOE has 45 employees on three sites: Bordeaux, Pau, Lacq (CHEMSTART’UP), managing numerous collaborative projects with multiple players, (academic and industrial, and multiple financial backers), and implementing new processes from the laboratory to the industrial pilot.


CANOE is a strong strategic axis of the New Aquitaine Region, which has supported CANOE since the beginning on investments and partially on its operation.


CANOE’s economic model allows the association to start its activities with confidence, in the continuity of the actions carried out until now. As the economic balance sheets for 2017, 2018 and 2019 show, the sound management of funds and rigorous control of expenditure has demonstrated its solidity.