CANOE/D33D PARTNERSHIP: optimizing the material/process pair

12 mai 2017

Thanks to its Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing activites, CANOE has an expertise in formulating materials for various additive manufacturing techniques.

In mid-2014, CANOE asked the start-up D33D ( – which has an expertise in IT, robotics and mechanics – to create a tailored 3D printer that would meet CANOE requirements.

In light of the successful results obtained then and the revealed technological evolution prospects, the CANOE-D33D partnership became obvious. It started in May 2016, when CANOE began to host D33D in their CANOE Pessac Bersol facilities (France). This partnership complies with the CANOE genes – defined by the Aquitaine region board; indeed, part of CANOE mission is to help the development of start-up companies.

The goal of this partnership is to optimize the Material/Process pair, in order to offer the most appropriate solutions to end-user companies in our respective application fields (materials, final parts, machines).

The complementarity of both organizations allows both of them to broaden their technological skills and to answer industrial needs in the region:

  • Materials
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Tests
  • Tools manufacturing
  • Mechanical design

Some of the common pieces will be displayed in the 3 general public fairs organized by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in the next few weeks.