fabrication Additive  de COmposants HYbrides d’interconnexion pour packages sur systèmes Aéroportés

Coordinator : 


Duration : 

3 years

Launch date : 

January 2022


The aim of the ACOHYA project is to develop and manufacture a highly compact 3D analogue, digital and microwave distribution module for an X-band forward-looking radar transmit/receive channel for combat aircraft, using additive techniques.


CANOE, the project coordinator and an expert in thermoplastic polymer formulation and additive manufacturing processes, is tasked with developing a high-performance polymer formulation and associated additive manufacturing processes that meet the specifications in terms of both dielectric properties and processing for direct printing.


Because of its cross-disciplinary nature (materials and microwave waves), the ACOHYA project is positioned at the crossroads of civil and defence research, and could bring many advantages to these two markets.


Additive manufacturing is experiencing explosive growth across a wide range of applications. A large number of materials (metals, ceramics and plastics in particular) are now transformed using techniques that enable them to be shaped in 3D, into geometries that are difficult to achieve using conventional means (mechanical machining, moulding/injection, etc.).


The ACOHYA project aims to bring this manufacturing paradigm to France with technological innovations in terms of processes and materials used (dielectrics, conductors), especially for radar microwave applications (X-band).

The ACOHYA project benefits from aid from the Direction Générale de l’Armement through the RAPID system and brings together a consortium of 3 partners proposing the creation, using additive techniques, of interconnection structures that can eventually integrate components assets (MMICs and decoupling passives) and constitute a microwave front-end.