Pine-BAsed Resources for conversIon of LIgnin into chemicals and CArbon fiber

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€146k for the maturation program


The aims of the BASILICA project are: (1) to develop a pilot-scale process for manufacturing lignin from the paper industry in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, (2) to test this new lignin for use in carbon fibre manufacture and identify applications in the chemical industry, (3) to carry out an economic and environmental assessment, (4) to help strengthen the economic carbon fibre manufacturing industry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


BASILICA is a consortium from the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine made up of three industrialists RAYONIER AM, GASCOGNE PAPIER and EPSILON COMPOSITE, two technology centers FCBA and CANOE and an academic laboratory LCPO, which wishes to set up a mobile pilot unit for the production of lignin on a paper mill site in order to manufacture economical carbon fiber and have lignin for other markets (chemistry, etc.).

This project aims to reduce by 50% the cost of producing carbon fiber traditionally made from PAN (PolyAcryloNitrile), a petrosourced product.