Carbon fiber from bio-based and nanostructured polyolefin

Funding organization(s): 

The project has been selected by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) for a funding in the framework of the BIP (Bioressources, Industries, and Performances) program.


36 months




The 36 month-long CAPONE project aims at developing:

– A bio-based polyethylene masterbatch doped with bio-based nanocarbons, and additivated with functional polymers through compounding technologies (twin-screw extrusion, blending)

– A ready-to-use compound of lignin/bio-based polyethylene carbon fiber precursor that meets the requirements of fiber spinning and carbonization processes

– An environment-friendly melt-spinning process (no solvent) adapted to the bio-based precursor compound

– A carbonization process (stabilization, oxidation) allowing a reduction of energy costs and production cycle duration

– A carbon fiber pultruded composite demonstrator meeting the needs of wind energy market (cost, performances, stability, quality control)


CArbon fiber from PolyOlefin, bio-based and Nanostructured, for wind Energy market.


The project aims at developing a new, low-cost carbon fiber for wind energy market from a bio-based lignin/polyethylene precursor compound and doped with bio-based nanocarbons (carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanocellulose). The CAPONE consortium aims at developing a carbon fiber at a 25% reduced production cost as compared to traditional PAN-based carbon fibers.