Thermoplastic materials for blades and nacelle housings


4,5 years

Kick off: 

Mars 2014


10.6 M€ Including PIA support: €3.7M


Adera, CANOE


The main stages of the project are:

– To develop new materials, namely thermoplastic acrylic resins, for the design of lighter, recyclable and repairable blades with better mechanical strength than those based on standard materials. Weight reduction is particularly important since it affects both performance and cost;

– To develop blades manufacturing processes from these materials ;

– To demonstrate the technical validity of this solution on an operating wind turbine ;

– To apply those materials on other plastic components of the turbine, especially for offshore nacelles.


Thermoplastic materials for blades and nacelle housings

At present wind turbine blades are made of composites based on thermoset polymers, whose technological maturity has been proven. They are easily implemented in production stages (high fluidity of the resin, good adhesion to the composite reinforcing fibers). However these materials are not recyclable and their mechanical properties, like fatigue, are limited.

The EFFIWIND project aims to implement composites based on acrylic for the manufacturing of large thermoplastic polymer components: blades and nacelle housings for offshore wind turbines. This major technological innovation in the wind energy sector will lead to weight diminutions, costs cuts in manufacturing (no heating cycle required), and recycling opportunities. During the project, a three-blade set made of acrylic thermoplastic materials will be manufactured and tested on an operating wind turbine.