Development of supercapacitors for sustainable energy storage

Coordinator : 

Pleione Energy S.A

Duration : 

3 years

Launch date : 

February 2023

Budget : 

€5.4 million


The main objective of the EMPHASIS project is to develop new fast-charging and fast-discharging supercapacitors for the sustainable storage of electrical energy, meeting the requirements of modern life, particularly in two key areas: electromobility and smart clothing.


Tasks will focus on
– The development of new materials for SC with advanced properties (carbon fibres and graphene), derived from natural resources (cellulose).
– Reducing the use of metals and other critical materials.
– Innovative design of SC cell architecture and power management control.


As leader of WP2 « Development of novel functional carbon materials from wet-spun cellulose fibers », CANOE’s technical activities will focus on the development of these innovative materials used in the design of new SC, more specifically through :

– The formulation and spinning of cellulose fibres by wet-spinning.
– The transformation of these fibres into biosourced carbon fibres.
– The development of dedicated textile structures.


More environmentally-friendly, efficient and cost-effective energy conversion and storage technologies are increasingly being developed in response to the rapid depletion of the world’s fossil fuel reserves and the sharp rise in greenhouse gas emissions. They are mainly based on renewable energies, such as solar (photovoltaic), wind (turbines) and marine (wave/tidal).


The aim of the EMPHASIS European research project, funded by Horizon Europe, is to set itself apart by developing new-generation supercapacitors (SC) optimised for consumer use, such as electromobility and smart clothing.

The consortium, made up of 13 partners from 5 different countries, plans to meet this challenge by developing new materials derived from natural resources, while improving design processes.