Placing a new range of conductive, graphene-based and transparent paints and inks on the market


Funding organization(s): 

French government, Limousin region board, Aquitaine region board


2.4 M€ including 1.1 M€ of public funding


3 years




GRAPULE-2 goal is to market within 3 years a new range of:

-Conductive, graphene-based paints for aerospace and industrial applications, exhibiting similar electric conductivity to that of metallic fillers-based paints but reducing weight and cost. These paints should also be easier to apply using spray deposition and should provide increased radar compatibility.

-Transparent, conductive and graphene-based inks and related inkjet, US spray or aerosol printing systems for printed electronics industry.


Graphene : Industrial Applications and Production


To meet current expectations in the field and future market evolution of conductive paints and inks, the main goal of GRAPULE-2 consortium is to develop an industrial process to manufacture low-cost and high-quality graphene. This process will be based on an innovative synthesis technology using CVD in fluidized bed reactor, an environment-friendly system with health and safety requirements. This technology has many benefits (i.e. particles consistency, temperature gradient, continuous process possible, and environment-friendliness) as compared to other synthesis processes. For instance, exfoliation process is known to have a questionable impact on the environment. This new grade of graphene could also be applied to other fields (e.g. energy storage, plastics and composites industry, concrete…).


Coordinated by BOUCHILLOU ALKYA with CANOE help, GRAPULE-2 consortium gathers 8 partners consisting in 2 SMEs ((BOUCHILLOU, CERADROP), 2 large industrial groups (ARKEMA, PPG COATINGS), 2 technological centers (CANOE, CTTC) and 2 academic laboratories (CRPP, LCC). With all of these entities, the value chain is entirely covered from the future graphene manufacturer to semi-finished products formulators and end-users.


GRAPULE-2 project is a structuring project for the new great region as it gathers 6 partners from Aquitaine and Limousin former regions, working in materials and 3D printing fields.