Multifunctional materials for placement of dry fiber

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2.166 M€

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Develop composite materials with improved electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.


The MultiMaFs project is part of a competitive market in aviation. European aviation has an ongoing need to maintain its global competitiveness. Thus, development of innovative technologies is essential and inevitably leads to a need for development of related materials. The aircraft structure insdustry is rapidly moving towards the use of mechanically stronger and lighter composites,  but materials must also show resistance to electric attacks (lightning, load current, electromagnetic fields). Solutions exist but their process is often difficult and not  systematically integrable into emerging technologies. The project proposes to develop MultiMaFs materials that confer improved electrical conductivity and mechanical strength to composites. Complex materials developed will meet the specific requirements of automated technology and provide additional functionality during process rather than in the final stages of manufacture. Thus, the number of manufacturing steps will be reduced. The project results should contribute to improve manufacturing techniques and help creating a material sector to obtain interesting, conductive and mechanically complex materials.