Develop a new generation of elastomeric glues and composite materials

Funding organization(s): 

Government (BPI France), Aquitaine region board, Pyrénées-Atlantiques department board




NAWHICEL-II is a collaborative Research and Development project with an interdepartment funding (FUI), coordinated by EMAC company. The funding organizations are National, Regional and local institutions: BPI France, Aquitaine region board and Pyrénées-Atlantiques department board.

NAWHICEL-II goal is to develop new generations of glues and polymer composites for aeronautic, automotive markets and renewable energy activities. These new materials are based on using cellulose nanocrystals as filler into a polymer matrix (thermoplastic, rubber…).


The substitution into technical products of classical fillers (fossil, metallic  …) with bio-based fillers such as cellulose nanocrystals should increase properties (mechanical reinforcement, dimensional stability, sealing, permeability, rheological …) at identical cost. This project should also improve the environmental impact of these materials which will be confirmed with life cycle analysis. Currently, there is no industrial production of this type of filler on national territory.  Consequently, one of NAWHICEL-II ambitions is also to create and develop an industrial sector to produce cellulose nanocrystals from Aquitaine maritime pine plantations.