ligNe pilotE multimodale, fleXible et auTomatisée pour la Fabrication de composAnts hyBrides

Coordinator :  


Duration : 

4 years

Launch date :  

June 2022

Budget :  

€4,5 million


The aim of the NEXTFAB project is to set up this multi-technology tool, which will be made up of various interfaced technological building blocks: 3D FDM printing, direct writing, laser processing, component transfer and non-destructive testing.


Each center will contribute its expertise, skills and feedback in its own field, to build up each basic brick of the pilot line: direct writing of metal tracks (CTTC, leader), controlled extrusion of polymers (CANOE), laser treatments, vision and non-destructive testing (ALPhANOV), product design and non-destructive testing (CISTEME), robotics, automation, vision, production control and management solutions (CRITT Informatique) and the capture, processing and management of digital data (CATIE).


The line will be designed in such a way that these building blocks communicate with each other and are managed by robotic and digital tools, so as to be able to manage manufacturing – in the long term – autonomously, and move towards zero waste.


This project is aimed at manufacturers keen to follow technological innovations in the manufacturing of objects with electronic functions.

The targeted applications are 3D hybrid components, with a high density of integration of functions (information capture and transmission), finding their use in numerous industrial sectors. The line will have the capacity to easily produce prototyping, personalized parts but also ultimately small series with high added value.


The field of 3D electronics, which has been booming for around ten years, is turning to a new approach to the manufacturing of electronic components: “Full 3D”. It consists of incorporating electronic functions of a part within its volume, thus offering numerous advantages: reduction of the form factor, and therefore miniaturization, reduction of the mass of the device, simplification of assemblies, increasing sustainability.


It is within this framework that the NEXTFAB project falls. Its objective is to set up an automated pilot line for the 4.0 manufacturing of hybrid components using a Full-3D approach.


NEXTFAB is an inter-technology center project in Nouvelle Aquitaine, bringing together six skills centers based in Nouvelle Aquitaine: CANOE, CISTEME, CTTC, ALPhANOV, CATIE, CRITT Informatique.