Flame-retardant thermoplastic composites of biological origin reinforced with natural fibers

Coordinator : 

Durée : 
4 ans
Lancement : 
Juin 2023
Budget : 

Duration : 

4 years

Launch date : 

June 2023

Budget : 

€4,5 million


The aim of the THERMOFIRE project is to develop and validate a new thermoplastic composite material that is 100% biosourced, recyclable and fire-resistant.

Aiming for maturity up to TRL 5, THERMOFIRE will validate the materials by prototyping, with the development of three demonstrators in the aeronautics, automotive and textile sectors.


CANOE will be involved in the following tasks:
– Development of the flame retardant polymer formulation
– Development and production of the cellulose fibre
– Manufacture of the aeronautical demonstrator (in collaboration with SAFRAN)
– Study of mechanical recycling methods


Replacing at least 30% of fossil-based raw materials with biobased and biodegradable raw materials by 2030 is one of the challenges of the CBE JU (Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking) programme. This also includes the development of flame retardants, which to date have not produced satisfactory results, despite a growing number of studies.


The European THERMOFIRE project, funded by Horizon Europe, aims to become a pioneer in this field.

The consortium, made up of 11 partners from 4 different countries, plans to develop biosourced polymers reinforced with various natural fibres and biosourced flame retardants in order to confer excellent flame retardancy on the final biosourced thermoplastic composites (TP).

THERMOFIRE’s innovation is based on the development of high-performance composites with a 20% reduction in weight and 15% reduction in cost, while maintaining the safety levels required for applications in the automotive, aerospace and textile sectors.