The Greenvehicles LEVIS consortium in Turkey

3 octobre 2023

On September 27th and 28th, the Greenvehicles LEVIS consortium met in Turkey. All the partners discussed in detail the progress of the project and the areas for future development.


LEVIS, a HORIZON 2020 project funded by the EU, aims to meet the challenge of making electric car batteries lighter while increasing their lifespan, by developing lightweight components using eco-design and circular economy approaches.


The two-day programme included : 

– Progress review on all 4 demonstrators (suspension control arm, battery box, battery modules, steering column on the cross-car beam) in terms of Demo design & validation ; Materials ; Manufacturing process; Modelling and SHM (Structural Health Monitoring); End of life

– Visite of 2 turkish partners of LEVIS : Yesilova and Tofas


Thank you to our partners Yesilova and Tofas for their warm welcome !

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